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We are working very hard as a school towards our 5th green flag in Biodiversity.

Please click here to view the results of our survey on Biodiversity

Spooky WoW 2018

Ms Burrowes and Kevin were in early this morning to set up our Spooky WoW yard for all the boys and girls at Scoil Áine.

We had a few helpers in the form of skulls, skeletons and spiders. What do you think?

Thankfully we had Officer Kevin from the NYPD to keep an eye on things in case any of our helpers got out of hand!

As the day continued we tallied or WoW numbers again and we had over 70% of pupils walking to school today. We announced our Golden Boot Winners for October

3rd Ms B Kelly Rm 15

4th Ms Donnellan Rm 3

5th Ms O'Connell Rm 11

6th Ms Mooney Rm 24

Congratulations Everyone.

Have a safe and happy Halloween from the Green School Committe




Biodiversity Survey and Spooky ‘WoW’ Day

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are delighted to be starting our new Green School Theme ‘Biodiversity’ this year and look forward to your help in becoming more Biodiversity Aware at Scoil Áine Naofa. The pupils will be completing a Biodiversity Awareness Survey in class and we would like to offer any parents, who would like to, the chance to take part too. Please can you download the survey at and return it to your child's class teacher when you have finished it.

Our Spooky WoW day will take place on Thursday morning Oct 25th and we look forward to welcoming all the pupils on yard in fancy dress for Halloween. The committee would like to encourage everyone to create a costume over purchasing new costumes, where possible. As usual we will have a prize for the best recycled costume in each year group and this will be announced at the Halloween Assembly.

So Happy WooooooooW day to one and all,

The Green Schools Committee.


Flying the flag for Scoil Aine Naofa

The whole of the Scoil Áine Naofa school community were delighted to receive their first Green-Schools Flag for litter and waste management in 2011. Scoil Áine Naofa achieved this award as a result of a lot of hard work on behalf of all of our students, parents (and grandparents!), management, all teaching , SNA & auxiliary staff, the Board of Management, South Dublin County Council, Mushy and of course superman (who moonlights as our caretaker) – well done everyone and don’t forget Mushy’s Motto…

Don’t be mean, keep it clean and we’ll go green!!

In addition to creating a motto for Mushy we also created our Green- School Code which will help us maintain our litter and waste management around the school.

Our Green Schools Code

  1. Bring home any food waste & non recyclable packaging to be disposed of responsibly at home.
  2. Re-use drinks bottles where possible.
  3. The big green bins on the yard are for recycled goods only.
  4. Please use both sides of photocopied paper for art or other class activities.
  5. Replace cling film and tin foil with paper towels if at all possible.

Our Green School’s Song

We’re on the way to going green. (to the tune of Amarillo – by Ms Lynch’s Class)

Every day we live the dream.

That the world will turn green.

Scoil Aine Naofa’s getting there.

Showing the way to a greener earth.

Reduce, re-use and recycle!

Paper, stamps and all we use.

Scoil Aine Naofa’s going green.


Sha la la la la la (Don’t be mean!)

Sha la la la la la (Keep it clean!)

Sha la la la la la (We’ll go green!)

Planet earth depends on us

Our Green School’s Motto

Ná bí gránna coiméad glan é agus beigh muid glas.

Don’t be mean, keep it clean and we’ll go green.

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