Active Schools

Active Schools

Maths@thetrack September 2022

The students and staff in Scoil Áine had great fun completing fun math activities while incorporating some of the fundamental movement skills. Thank you to Lucan Harriers for letting us use this wonderful facility and we're all really looking forward to some more fun games and activities at the track soon!






We receive our Active Schools Flag in June 2021 with the hard work of all students and teachers!



This year the pupils and staff of Scoil Áine are working towards an Active Schools Flag for our school. The aim of this initiative is to encourage children and teachers to be more active, get more exercise, and to take greater care of our minds and bodies. Visit the active
schools website for more information on this initiative.

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An Active School Slogan competition was held throughout the school in October. Our slogan was created by Sophia in Mr. D Lawlors class.

Our Active School Slogan is:

'Be active and have some fun. 60 minutes and all is done.'

by Sophia, 6th class (Scoil Áine Naofa Active Schools Slogan)


Active Schools news

April 2021:

'Sprint to Summer'

The Active Schools committee are challenging all classes in the school to see which class can run the most kilometers from now until the Summer holidays. All classes can track their run on our active schools board.


Room 16 practicing some running techniques.

Rm16 practicing running techniques.JPG

January/February 2021:

Despite being back on Google Classrooms, the teachers continued to encourage children to be active at home. Throughout the day teachers gave the children movement breaks and active challenges to work on at home. Children took part in the 'Climb the Heights' challenge for 4 weeks. They skipped (or did jumping jacks) to reach the heights of different mountain peaks around Europe. 1 skip or jumping jack=1 metre. It was great to see the children and their families getting involved in this challenge.

Climb the Heights - Class Challenge.PNGIMG_1631.jpg

November 2020:

Each class took part in 'Active Walkway' challenges throughout the month of November. Each class tried to complete the walkway 5 times every week. Mr. Walsh and Mr. Somers challenged themselves to walk an hour to school every day during the month of November. Without fail, they walked to and from school every single day!

Another active month here in Scoil Áine- the cold weather won't stop us!

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October 2020:

Whole School Initiative Launch- 5k and Far Away.

We are going to complete a virtual walk around Ireland and visit different towns and cities. When we have reached different destinations we will explore these areas on Google Earth, Google Maps and Google Street View.

Our first challenge was to see how many kilometres we could travel as a school on our annual sponsored walk. Collectively, we walked a total of 14km which is the same distance as Scoil Áine Naofa to O' Connell Street!


collage copy.png

September 2020:

Our school is taking part in the European School Sports Day Initiative. Each week we are going to complete an active challenge. For the first active challenge, the children were encouraged to walk or run 2020 (or more) steps for the year 2020! Some classes completed this challenge in the classroom by walking on the spot. Some children recorded the amount